Skinny The Skunk's Stores
Website Design & Marketing
Skateboard, Long Board or Any Board Skins
Laptop Skins
Guitar Skins for Any Guitar, Bass or Acoustic
Aquarium Backgrounds
Designer Ouija Boards
Gun Skins for Handguns & Long Guns
Guitar Amp Graphic Screens
Custom Designer Pet Placemats
Graphic Guitar Display Case Backgrounds
Beautiful Canvas Paintings by Amanda
Local Artist Paintings & Ornaments
Local artist Amanda's canvas paintings, prints and ornaments.
Display Case Graphics
Guitar, bass & acoustic display cases are beautiful.  We make them awesome!
Pet Placemates
Stock designs & custom pet placements for your animal friends.
Designer Ouija Boards
The most awesome Ouija boards and planchettes in the world...period!
Amplifier Graphic Screens
Flow through graphic screens for any amplifier or PA system.
Handgun & Long Gun Skins
Camo, designer and many more skins for pistols, rifles and shotguns.
Website Design & Marketing
Skinny's Webworks offers website design, advertising & marketing services.
Laptop Skins
The best laptop skins in hundreds of categorized designs for any size computer.
Skateboard & Other Board Skins
Hundreds of designs for your skateboard, long board, or any other board.
Aquarium Backgrounds
Custom sized premium backgrounds for your tank or aquarium.
Guitar Skins
Our skins fit any size, shape or style guitar, bass or acoustic.  Over 1500 styles!
Skinny is the mascot of Skinny's Webworks. We are a website design, advertising & marketing company with many clients...including ourselves.  We run a number of online stores offering awesome products to the world including guitar skins, aquarium backgrounds and much more.

So take a look around, visit our stores and make our buy yourself something awesome!
Awesome Graphic Hip Flasks
Graphic Hip Flasks
Awesome and beautiful graphic hip flasks for any beverage.
Promotional Guitars
Promotional Guitars
Promote your band, brand or yourself with your own branded guitars!
Guitar Skins for Any Guitar, Bass or Acoustic
Exotic Guitar Skins
Hand designed by our graphic artists, these Guitar Skins are unique and awesome!
Sell Our Awesome Products in Your Store
Love our products? Like offering your customers the best in quality and selection?
Like to make your customers happy?

Sell Skinny's products in your store! We offer a great mark-up, display models, packaged products, consignment products and even a kiosk catalog. We invest in a partnership with you to make your sales successful...and we stand behind it!
Axe Warrior Charity
Axe Warrior Charity
Our guitar auction charity benefits Military, Police, Fire, EMS and other "Warriors".